Smart Infrastructure - Security & Infrastructure

27/10/2016 19:00 to 27/10/2016 23:00

co.station BXL
Brussels, Belgium

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18h45 - 19h15

How safe is software used for infrastructure. 

19h15 - 20h10

Nowadays the roll of software becomes crucial in operating our key infrastructure. We all know about certifications for Electrical installations or stability certifications for concrete structures. What is available for software. Is it open, maintainable, ... 

Presentation by SIG


New Image recognition Software and Sound sensors to make our Infrastructure safer and more reliable.

20h15 - 21h10

We all see the use of camera images in our day to day life. ANPR, Security images, Collision detection are used all over. Suppliers of these visual hardware keep telling us that new, high performance camera's are needed to keep up with the technological evolution. We want to talk about new software that works with the existing (lower performance) cameras and tries to get more out of this information. On top of this evolution, sound technologies are becoming available. They open up a new scala of information that is integrated with various other data sources to provide even faster real time alerts for safety and maintenance staff. 

Presentation by Room40 - Dr Harald Oymans

Harald Oymans (M), co-founder, has a wealth of experience in gathering and analysing information. He possesses strong analytical skills focussed on information analysis, information architectures, and information usage. He is a co-developer of the InfoSpective language (a.k.a. CBML, Corporate Business Modelling Language). Harald was responsible for many large projects in various markets (Government, Defense, Retail, Telco, Utility, Banking, Health Care, Insurance, and others) in many countries and continents.

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co.station BXL
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From 27/10/2016 19:00
To 27/10/2016 23:00


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