The HyperCat Specification

A new hope for IoT standardization

07/12/2014 01:28:00

The HyperCat specification allows Internet of Things clients to discover what data an IoT server has available. It is built on the same Web standards that are now common for that interface, i.e. HTTPS, REST/HATEOAS, JSON.  

With HyperCat, developers can write apps that will work across many servers, which helps to break down the walls between today's vertical silos.

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  • Van Bogaert
    on 17/03/2015 19:22:55

    I have been following HyperCat already for a while. They have interesting propositions but they seem very focused on establishing a British leadership in the IoT area. It might be an idea to position IoTBE as a Belgian branch of HyperCat?