Announcing "IoT Innovation Center" - IoTIC

09/10/2015 13:25:18

Our success depends highly on the success of our members and to help you to become successful we are introducing the new IoT Innovation Center or IoTIC.
IoTIC is the link between you, an IoT Solution Provider, and the industry, government, retail, logistics,... or any other sector that might have an IoT need. For the latter, we need to answer questions like "What does IoT means to me and my organisation?", "What kind of solutions exist today on the market?", "How should I introduce & implement IoT innovation in my company?" and so on.
It is not always easy for those organisations to get a view on what is possible and what the state of the art is. This is where you, the IoT Solution Provider, comes into the picture. IoTBE acts as an expertise service center, doing intakes of companies with a need and we give them advice and bring them in contact with the right IoTBE Organisation member.
For this, we also need to know who you are and what you do.

We already had a closed kick-off session with several IoT Solution Providers in the past, where a dozen companies already explained to us and to other attendees what they do. This was highly successful and we promised to do another session, which will come real soon. It will be again a closed session on invitation only, where you will be able to introduce your company during a 3 minute pitch.

If you do not want to wait and want to join our list of IoT Organisation Members ( today, so we can contact you as soon as we have an opportunity/lead that is relevant for you, feel free to join as an IoTBE organisation member! (see also