What do you get with our new membership model?

09/09/2015 15:26:18

A measure of success for any new technology community is its ability to create new opportunities for its  members.

Reading this, means that you are most probably one of our 1250+ community members for which we organize the evening IoT meetups, with a focus on sharing knowledge and networking. We use the Meetup platform for this and this has proven to be very successful. This alone has already provided a lot of new opportunities to many of our community members and we will keep on organizing these kind of meetups for free, always.

So what's next?

Since the beginning of this year we are also working hard on bringing more added value to our members. Our network of IoT professionals is becoming quite big and we are getting noticed by the most diverse parties that are somehow also involved in IoT, not only in Belgium, but also in Europe and since recently even worldwide (ie. China, but more about that later).

To serve our members better, we indroduced a membership model with different levels, each comming with different advantages (more on http://www.iotbe.org/page/membership ).

There are quite some advantages you can get, depending on the membership you choose as an individual or an organisation:

  1. get reductions on a variety of events, going from attending master classes, workshops, bootcamps, hackatons,… up to a free or reduced entrance fee on IoT conferences we participate in (if you happen to also organise conferences, let us know, we can help!)
  2. promote your business by pitching in one of our meetups, write a guest blog post,… to even getting a free booth on IoT conferences we participate in
  3. get leads on potential clients who are looking for IoT solutions. As I said before, we are getting noticed and companies are coming with questions to us and ask if we know people to help them.
  4. pick up a role in (international) projects we are participating in or even leading. For many startups, it is time consuming and not always easy to participate in larger Belgian or European projects and we will be taking a leading role in this
  5. participate actively in 1 (or more) functional verticals we are rolling out: Smart Cities, Smart Factories (Industry 4.0), Smart Retail and Smart Buildings (Office & Home)

To make 'things' concrete, we will also post on the Meetup platform the events, workshops bootcamps,… next to the meetups that will stay free forever (we will flag it explicitely if not). A seperate mailing is being setup towards the individual or organisational members to communicate the extra opportunities we deliver with this new membership model.

So, Join us to bring IoTBE to the next level!