A disruptive 2015!

Best IoT wishes for 2015

03/01/2015 14:20:07

A lot of changes this year!

The IoTBE smart hubs are a fact! 

All smart hubs in Flanders are installed. The first steps are taken in Wallonia as well. Please have a look @ our organisation page for more information. 

In order to reach as many people as possible, we have decided to organize our sessions at multiple hubs. That way you can avoid the dreadfull trafic in Belgium! Furthermore, we can now offer a platform where the community, research & IoT innovative companies can meet and cross pollination can result in new disruptive ideas. 

We will still cover a specific topic in depth, highlighting a subject from different angles. For each topic/session we will have a main talk and some side talks. These 'side' taks will vary in different hubs and will cover the subject with local research & innovations. 

Functional workgroups. 

In Q2/Q3 we will start setting up functional workgroups. Functional workgroups are sectorial think tanks, in which domain experts & decision makers will discuss how IoT technologies can be deployed in order to make their business more effective. Are you interested in driving a functional workgroup (e.g. smart energy, smart roads, smart health,...), please contact us

Research involvement.

IoTBE will start to get actively involved in Belgian research initiatives by providing a platform in which new research can be tested & validated. This will offer innovative companies exclusive insights in new upcoming disruptive technologies that could provide them a competitive head start. 

Crowd sourcing

Innovative companies can rely on the IoTBE community to validate their idea, to kickstart their IoT R&D or to help them during development. A legal framework will be setup to deal with IP & NDC agreements. 

More info.


In order to make this move forward, we need support from our partners. We created several partnership models, so it is accessible to all types of IoT innovators. Furthermore, partners will have the opportunity to get fully involved in & have full access to the extra IoTBE activities.